Monday, 11 May 2009

My first hand at chocolate moulding..

Those the most happiest seeing teddy bear shaped chocolates are the three stooges.. my kids of course.. I just make use available ingredients in my kitchen.. Practice make perfect.. hey.. that's what they say.. the more I put my effort in this project.. the better I become.. hopefully

Actually, my next step is to find unique mould for my homemade chocolate, only then I'll come out with my masterpiece..

In the meantime, be patient with my try and error.. thousand miles start with one step.. This is my journey..

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Family Trip To Cocoa Exhibition.. 9th May,2009

Following my new found interest in baking, chocolate, cake, bakery and the like.. I attended 'homemade chocolate' making class with Kak Ida from Ida Bakery on 6th May, 2009.. By coincidence, the Malaysia Cocoa Board is exhibiting the Malaysian International Cocoa Fair 2009 from 8-12 May 2009 in Kuala Lumpur.. to be exact at the Berjaya Times Square.. Managed to persuade my hubby.. and tagged along my three kids.. we comes..(Sat 9/5/09)

Three times lucky me.. first one.. thank you to the MCB (Malaysian Cocoa Board) .. only now that my kids become aware the origine of chocolates.. Second lucky, meeting with Chef Wan in person.. We were there quite early.. but halfway on the presentation by him..

Managed to snap a few photos of him signing autograph on the recipe books purchased by fans.. Also presentations from 'koko' people on handmade chocolate making.. I love the end result shape, diamond like shape..
Three times become luckiest.. when my sister in law who is working at the Mc D in level 5, was in her morning shift.. Many times we postponed our supposedly trip to visit her at her workplace.. but this time we make it.. Thank you, Che' Sue for the lunch..

We left by 3pm.. full of memories.. and hopefully memorable for my kids..

Monday, 4 May 2009

My Chocolate Blog..

Everybody loves raymond.. no, everybody loves chocolate.. I will post all my experience and experiment with chocolate here..

To all my friends.. allow me to share with u the wonderful world of chocolate..
To all my Niks, this blog dedicated for u..
To all chocolate lovers, here i come to fulfill your wish..